I don’t normally review a lot of magazine articles, but

this one really “spoke” to me.  Having become a nature lover myself as an adult, I’ve tried to teach my son from an early age to appreciate all aspects of the natural world.  “Wild at Heart,” by Rick Bass (from Reader’s Digest April 2011 issue) expresses that very sentiment. 

Rick’s parents instilled in him an appreciation for the outdoors.  They allowed him to explore sights and sounds and experiences that will never be forgotten.  His mother looked for opportunities to share the wonders of nature with her son.  His father took him to the hunting camp and into the wildness.   When Rick shares these same things with his own daughters, he is reminded of these special times that he never appreciated at the time, as most children do not.

I know my son and my former elementary school students are absorbed with video games, cell phones and movies at their ages now.  I hope, though, that there will be a moment when something outdoors sparks a flash of recognition of the past when they remember that bird feeder we made or releasing butterflies we raised from caterpillars.  I, too, feel that we’ve lost our sense of “nature,” and should stop once in awhile and take it all in.


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