Cell by Stephen King – a Book Review

Cell (novel)

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Wouldn’t you know it?  Clayton Riddell has finally published a book and the world has quite literally come to an end.  A pulse is sent through all the cell phones and anyone using one goes crazy.  The “phone crazies” begin killing themselves and others in a variety of vile and creative ways, as only Stephen King can describe.  Clay begins the long walk from Boston to Kent Pond, Maine in hopes that his young son and even his ex-wife are alive and normal.  He collects some other “normies” along the way.  The phone crazies start evolving into creatures that aren’t quite as crazy and Clay and his new friends do their best to destroy as many of them as possible, including their leader in the red hoodie.  The final showdown occurs in Kashwak, Maine and it’s an explosive one.

King’s writing appeals to all the senses, as in this passage:

Above the Common Boylston Street narrowed and became so choked with cars – both those wrecked and those plain abandoned – that they no longer had to worry about kamikaze limos or rogue Duck Boats.  Which was a relief.  From all around them the city banged and crashed like New Year’s Eve in hell.  There was plenty of noise close by, as well – car alarms and burglar alarms, mostly – but the street itself was for the moment eerily deserted.

I’ve read Cell (2006) at least four times.  It’s truly one of my favorite books by Stephen King.  It reminds me of The Stand, in its armageddon-like feel.  The satirical look at cell phone usage really makes you think.


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