The Corruptible: A Ray Quinn Mystery – Review

The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

Locating a missing employee and recovering the sensitive company files he has stolen doesn’t seem to be a difficult case for private investigator Ray Quinn of the Night Watchman Detective Agency.  In fact, it really doesn’t seem to be worth the mega-dollars Armon Mayer is willing to pay for the job.  Of course, nothing is ever that easy.  Ray, former homicide detective for the Orlando Police Department, and his partner Crevis not only solve the case but are left with quite a few unanswered questions of their own.  Murder, cyanide and a biker gang are just the beginning and lots of secrets must be uncovered before the case is closed.

Mark Mynheir’s The Corruptible is the sequel to The Night Watchman but can easily stand alone as its own book.  Plenty of references to events in book one keep the reader informed.

The book is a light-hearted, easy read and I enjoyed it.  I really don’t think it qualifies as “Christian Fiction” as it is billed, though, simply because of token references to prayer and salvation.  I would recommend The Corruptible to anyone who likes murder mysteries.

Thank you to Multnomah Books for providing an Advance Reading Copy of this book at my request.


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