Book Review: The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz

The House of Thunder

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Vacationing Susan Thorton awakes from a three-week coma with amnesia from a terrible car crash. The staff at Willawauk County Hospital in Oregon takes very good care of her. Gradually she begins regaining her memories and her strength, but curiously enough, nothing about the company she works for (Milestone Corporation) and what she does for them. Then, she begins hallucinating. At the hospital she sees the three men who murdered her boyfriend thirteen years ago in the cavern known as The House of Thunder. They harass and threaten her. She also sees the decaying corpse of her boyfriend. No one believes her.

Dr. Jeffrey McGee and all the staff try to help Susan with her paranoid delusions. As a brilliant physicist previously almost obsessed with order, Susan comes to feel that she is losing her mind. To complicate matters thoroughly, she is falling in love with her doctor.

The reader, too, will have difficulty in separating truth and reality. The fast pace of the novel concludes with the wildly unexpected. The book was a good read and the ending was nothing I ever would have expected. Dean Koontz lives up to his reputation as a master storyteller with The House of Thunder.



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