Book Review: Winter Moon by Dean Koontz

Cover of "Winter Moon"

Cover of Winter Moon

As you can tell from my book reviews, I have become a huge Dean Koontz fan. When I discovered Winter Moon for a quarter at my favorite used bookstore, I was thrilled both to be getting another Koontz book I hadn’t read AND it only was twenty-five cents. It turns out I was fortunate on both counts.

The frenetic pace of this book kept me occupied – dare I say obsessed – until I finished it. I am always enthralled when reading Koontz’s books but I truly could not put this book down. All my favorite elements are present here – mystery, murder, gore, humor, fantasy, sci-fi and drama. I will probably have to reread it soon since I skimmed some parts to get to the action more quickly.

Jack McGarvey, a Los Angeles policeman, is shot down while on a call. After months of hard recuperation, he and his wife, Heather and their son, Toby, learn that they have inherited a multi-million dollar estate in Montana from Jack’s deceased partner’s dad. Ready for a change from the gang-ridden and dangerous city, the family packs up, pays their large medical bills and other mounting debts and moves out to the country.

The farm is beautiful. The Victorian home, caretaker’s house and barn are breathtaking. Eight-year-old Toby gets the golden retriever he always wanted but could never have in the city. Everyone is healthy again. However (of course), things are not as perfect as they seem. Strange feelings of dread, hypnotizing sights and sounds from the TVs and computer are confusing and frightening and the decayed smell from parts of the house are disturbing. Then, when Heather discovers a journal hidden in the freezer noting even stranger events documented by Eduardo Fernandez before he died of a massive heart attack, things get really interesting.

An evil alien force seeks to control the family, both mentally and physically. It seems impervious to destruction but they use all the resources they have in the attempt. It’s a wild ride.

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