Book Review: a stolen life by Jaycee Dugard

It isn’t often that I read non-fiction. I guess I like the world of make-believe better. I selected this book from the library with some trepidation as I knew the basics of the child kidnapped and held for eighteen years. a stolen life is an honest, heart-wrenching real-life story that should only happen in the imagination.

Eleven-year-old Jaycee Dugard is kidnapped on her way to school one morning. Phillip and Nancy Garrido hide her in a series of buildings in their backyard. In spite of the fact that Phillip was a convicted child molester and child rapist, Jaycee was not discovered for eighteen years. Parole officers often visited his home to check on him and Jaycee was not found.

Phillip Garrido raped Jaycee when she was eleven. She fathered her first child by him at fourteen and another several years later. He forced her to perform lewd sexual acts while he was under the influence of drugs. Nancy stood by and did nothing.

Jaycee lived a life of boredom, constant fear, dependence on her captors for everything, longing for her family, lonliness and depravation for so long it is a wonder she was able to survive. She watched TV but never went to the movies, never had a friend to confide in and never used a real toilet or shower. The only makeup she put on was for Phillip’s degraded fantasies.

Phillip would give Jaycee a kitten for a short time and when she became attached to it, would take it away. This occurred repeatedly over the years.

It must have been incredibly difficult for Jaycee to tell her story. I admire her courage and stamina and will to live. I also hope the Garridos rot in hell for what they did to her.


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