Book Review: Lucky You by Carl Hiassen

Lucky You by Carl Hiassen is the story of two winning lottery tickets. Each is worth an astounding $14 million dollars. One ticket was purchased in Grange, Florida, at the Grab N’Go by veterinary assistant JoLayne Lucks. The African-American woman wants to buy a local piece of land called Simmons Wood and save it forever as a wildlife refuge.

The other ticket was purchased about three hundred miles away in Florida City by Bode Gazzer and Chub (he of no last name), fledgling white supremacists and superior rednecks. They want to start a militia with their winnings. When Bode and Chub discover that a black woman has the other winning ticket, that just won’t do and they decide to steal it from her.

After being beaten and robbed by the two men, JoLayne and her new friend, newspaper reporter Tom Krome, track the two to the Florida Keys and some interesting adventures follow.

Involved in these adventures are a kidnapped Hooters waitress, Amber; Shiner, the wannabe militia member; Tom’s current (but hopefully soon ex-wife) Mary Andrea Finley; Demenico and his wife Trish who run a weeping madonna scam and while babysitting JoLayne’s turtles, a holy turtle scam; Dominick Amador and his phony stigmata; Tom’s boss, Sinclair, who “sees the light at last; and soooo much more.

True to Carl Hiassen fashion, the novel is a tongue-in-cheek statement on the human condition. In this case it examines greed.


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