Book Review: Thinner by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King

Thinner (novel)

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It is no secret that I’m a “number one fan” of Stephen King’s (Richard Bachman‘s) books. I have read and re-read quite a few of the books over the years. What a wonderful escape from reality!

I have read Thinner a number of times and lately have been wanting to do so again. Unfortunately, my library does not carry it. Fortunately for me, though, I was able to check it out on my Kindle. Yeah!

It took me less than a day to re-read this book and not just because I’ve read it before. The suspense and fast pace carried me quickly along.

Thinner is about an overweight lawyer named Bill Halleck. One day as he is driving with his wife, she decides that this is the perfect first time to jerk him off in the car. Understandably distracted, Bill hits and kills an ancient Gypsy jaywalker. Somehow, the policeman involved and the judge in the case dismiss it.

The Gypsy’s father, Taduz Lemke, however, does not dismiss it. He touches Bill’s face and whispers “thinner.”  And so, Bill begins to get thinner – and thinner – and downright gaunt – with no other explanation than the Gypsy’s curse.

Reluctant to believe that anyone could be cursed, Bill seeks out the judge and police officer to see if anything has happened to them. It has. Bill begins his search for the Gypsy caravan up the New England coast. What happens when Bill finds him has to be read to be believed (if even then).


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