Book Review: The True Detective by Theodore Weesner

The True Detective by Theodore Weesner is a compelling story of a twisted young man who kidnaps a little boy, what happens to them and to others affected by the tragedy.

I always find it interesting to learn about each of the characters in a book and what makes them tick, but I think that there are so many extraneous details provided here about each person that it takes away from the plot. The story of the kidnapping and of the detective who tries to solve the mystery are enough to satisfy the reader. I think most people expect detective and murder mysteries to be fast-paced page-turners and this was not one of those. I found myself skipping over some of the character-study extrapolations to get to the more exciting parts of the book.

As I side note, I was also rather repelled by the explicit language, situations and themes in the book. I blame myself for not researching this further before reading.

In all, I pretty-much enjoyed reading The True Detective and give the book a grade of B.


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