Book Review: Contrails by Robert Anderson

I accepted the task of reading and reviewing Contrails by Robert Anderson, as the story of an airline pilot sounded interesting and I knew little about the airline industry. I’m glad I did.

Contrails is the story of Sam Claymore, a commercial airline pilot who is laid off during a tough economy. His high school friend with whom he has had little contact over the years, invites him to visit. Sam uproots himself from Detroit and travels to Florida to stay with Nate. Sam is surprised to see how well off his friend is and even more surprised when he is offered a job.

Sam discovers big money and a totally different lifestyle as a drug trafficker. He has numerous “adventures” in his new position and after a near-death experience, decides to call it quits.

I really enjoyed learning a little about airline pilots, what they do and how that industry works. I also learned more than I ever really wanted to know about drug trafficking. The storyline is compelling and suspenseful. Although I won’t give it away, I was glad to learn what “contrails” are, too, and how that relates to the title of the book. Contrails is a great read.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Contrails by Robert Anderson

  1. Sounds like a fascinating read. I’m always surprised that people “willingly” get involved with drug trafficking. It never seems to work out well.

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