Book Review: Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler

Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler is just the type of book I like. It has mystery, it has death and it has law-breakers.

Neurosurgeon Lucas McRae’s marriage is falling apart. His son is away at college and now Lucas is on a business trip half-way around the world demonstrating surgical techniques on a cadaver’s head.

In an intriguing twist, Lucas recognizes the head as that of his best friend, Andy Baer. As it turns out, back in the states, Andy is indeed missing. So is a street walker whose gangster brother is worried about her. The shady but eco-conscious owner of Ditto’s Funeral Home is the prime suspect in their disappearances (and probably their deaths). Lucas and Wendy Elliott of the Seattle PD are on the case.

Dead Ringer  is a definite page-turner. The characters and storyline are well-developed and the book is easy to read. An interesting take on the standard murder mystery make this a great choice for readers.


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