New Book Rating System

I would like to announce a new book rating system that I will implement here on ReaderJots beginning today. I read so many fantastic books but don’t have nearly the time I would like to review them all. So, after reading a book, I will rate it on the following scale, whether I am able to review it or not:

  •         A – Great read, highly recommend, don’t miss it
  •         B – Good read, recommend 
  •         C – OK read, can take it or leave it
  •         D – Not very good, not recommended
  •         F – Eewww! Don’t waste your time on this one.

Note that these ratings are my personal opinion, just as my reviews are. Others may disagree – and that’s ok. Books that I read but am unable to review will be given a rating and will be posted to my 2012 Currently Reading page. This way, at least readers will get an idea of whether or not they might want to read a particular book.

Happy reading!


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