We Spell the Way We Speak – Faulty Friday #4


In the Faulty Friday #4 post this week, a church sign depicts a common error. Often, we spell things the way they sound. As a result here, what should be “Congratulations” shows up as “Congradulations.”

It pays to ask a friend or consult a dictionary if you are unsure about spelling!

Have a blessed Easter weekend!


Faulty Friday #3

errorIt’s not the best photo, I know, but you try taking a picture of the TV!

The person in charge of our local channel line-up from Comcast must have been a little sleepy when typing in the 9:30 pm television shows. I had never heard of “The Beautiful People Show” before but I really have never heard of “The Beauitiful People Show.”

Have a great, typo-free day!

Faulty Friday #2


What’s wrong with this picture?

PLEASE tell me you know.

I snapped this photo while sitting at a loooong red light here in town. Errors in advertising are particularly depressing to me. If you want more business, get your ads proofread to ensure that they’re correct. Not everyone notices these types of mistakes but many people do. I, for one, do not patronize businesses with errors in their advertising.

NOTE – The mistake in the photo above is that there should be no comma after the word “reliable.” When in doubt about adding a comma, DON’T!

Faulty Friday #1

kindle oopsBeginning this exciting posting venture has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped. I’ve been swamped with a large editing and rewriting project that has taken every bit of my spare time this month. Then, when I finally had the actual time to work on the post, I experienced a number of unexpected, unwelcome and frustrating image difficulties. I hope that is now all in the past.

My first Faulty Friday photo was snapped on my Kindle last night. I’m reading an interesting YA novel, the first in a series, obviously written in UK style. In spite of the differences with American English and style, things were going along swimmingly until I noted the error. Do you see it?

Hopefully you noticed that the word “taught” is incorrect. Taught refers to prior teaching. The word that should have been used is “taut,” which means tight.

Yes, these are the types of things that keep me up at night. Feel free to send me your “oops” in books, advertising or wherever. I may just share them on this page. Stay tuned. There will surely be more errors to follow!



Introducing Faulty Fridays

Photo courtesy - http://freedigitalphotos.net

Photo courtesy – http://freedigitalphotos.net

I love to read. It really doesn’t matter what. I’m partial to suspenseful fiction but I also read the daily newspaper, signs as I drive down the road, web articles and I’m a real sucker for print magazines. I love ’em.

One thing that really aggravates me to no end is to see a mistake in print. A self-described grammar nerd, I really am bothered by this stuff. I see errors in the books I read – whether in DTB (dead tree books) or on my Kindle. I see TONS of oopsies in our local paper who shall remain nameless and in signs advertising businesses.

There may be a variety of reasons for these mistakes. It could be that someone didn’t catch the error when copy editing or proofreading. This does happen. No one is perfect. It could be that someone is a terrible speller and doesn’t realize it or even worse, a bad speller who knows he is a bad speller but doesn’t bother to look up something anyway. It could also be that a person truly believes something is written/spelled correctly when it’s not.

Anyway, after seeing thousands (or more) of these mistakes over many years, I thought it might be fun to share some of these on a weekly basis. I now photograph the errors I see (if it’s safe to do so) and will publish them here on ReaderJots in a post every Friday that I plan to call “Faulty Friday.”

Feel free to contribute  in the comments section or, if you have a blog, you can participate there, too, by joining the Faulty Friday movement.

Look for the first post on Friday, March 7. I’ve got a couple doosies up my sleeve. Just wait.

The More You Read . . .


“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

~ Dr. Seuss –  “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut”

ReaderJots Now Offers Editing Services

Photo courtesy of: www.tiresias.org

Photo courtesy of: http://www.tiresias.org

If you have a letter, email, manuscript or paper that needs some fixing up, I can do it!

– misspellings

– typographical errors

– punctuation

– syntax

– grammar

All quotes are given on an individual basis.

As a prolific reader and writer for more than 20 years, I also hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Arts degree in Elementary Education. I write for and edit many blogs on a variety of topics and would be pleased to work with you.

Self-Publishing – Thoughts by a Book Reviewer

I self-published my own book, Alphamania: An Alphabet Resource for Teachers and Parents, in January 2012. I did a lot of reading on the subject and learned a great deal. After strictly following the Smashwords style guide, my book showed up on the web and was ready for buyers.

Image representing Smashwords as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

When I launched this site as a book reviewer more than a year and a half ago, I really had no idea what to expect. What I imagined was that I would read lots of books (already doing that anyway) and then review them here so potential readers could get an idea what the books were about and whether or not they would appeal to them. This also benefitted the author, as someone (me) gave an honest opinion (usually favorable) about their hard work.

Slowly, authors began to contact me for reviews. That was (and still is) so exciting for me. I take great pride in being selected as a reviewer of someone’s hard work. What I also discovered during this time are a tremendous amount of errors in people’s writing. Someone who reviewed my own book pointed out an error that I had made (I left something out of the text that should have been there).

In the self-publishing world, you have to rely on yourself for a great deal. Often, writers self publish because (1) it’s so easy these days, (2) it doesn’t cost anything, and (3) your book gets “out there” right away.  The problem with that is that writers often don’t get a professional to proofread or copy-edit their writing. After all, that’s a service that costs money.

The phrase that pays.

The phrase that pays. (Photo credit: pirateyjoe)

I think that a proofreader or copy editor provides a very valuable service. After all, your writing and your message are important. They should be presented in the best possible way. That doesn’t happen when there are misspelled words, typographical errors and subjects and verbs that don’t agree.

Sometime in 2013 I will launch this site  under its own domain (readerjots.com) and I will begin providing professional proofreading and copy-editing services for a fee in addition to my always free book reviews.

I am heavily researching proofreading and copy editing services so that I will be able to provide the best and most cost-effective service possible.

Let me know what you think!