Book Review: Revenge by Christine Carminati

As a pre-teen I devoured Western novels by Zane Grey and absolutely loved them. After so many years, I thought I was long past reading the genre until I read Revenge by Christine Carminati. I may have to revisit my childhood!

Revenge is the story of Hannah O’Reilly, who unwittingly becomes a bounty hunter in post-Civil War Texas¬†after her farm is raided and her sister violated and damaged for life. Hannah O’Reilly becomes Hannah Venganza – Spanish for revenge. On her quest to kill all those responsible for ruining her family, she reluctantly partners with U.S. Marshall Hezekiah Coe. Together they seek the rapists and murderers and fall into each other’s arms at the same time.

I loved Revenge. The characters are likeable and believable and the story compelling. Humor, romance, violence and tenderness are woven into a real page-turner. I highly recommend it and give it an A+!