Review of D.J. Donaldson’s Sleeping with the Crawfish

sleeping I love the title of the D.J. Donaldson book, Sleeping with the Crawfish. It was the first thing that drew me to the crime fiction novel. This third installment of the series about Kit Franklyn and Andy Broussard is just as exciting and entertaining as its two predecessors.

In this book, Kit is “taking a break” from her stressful job as a psychologist but Andy at the medical examiner’s office needs her help. Little did she know that her life would be put in danger by becoming involved.

The numerous plot twists and turns draw in the reader and keep him hooked to the end. This detailed forensic piece with the New Orleans almost mystical setting cannot help but keep the guesses flowing as to who dunnit.

Sleeping with the Crawfish is a great book. I recommend it to mystery-lovers and Louisiana-lovers alike. I give it 4 stars.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can buy it here.



Book Review: Bad Karma in the Big Easy by D. J. Donaldson

bad karmaI was intrigued by the prospect of reading Bad Karma in the Big Easy by D.J. Donaldson since it deals with post-Katrina New Orleans. My family also survived Katrina, although from about 200 miles away.

The setting of the story is the time immediately following Hurricane Katrina in August, 2005. Chief Medical Examiner Andy Broussard is tired and overworked in the temporary morgue. He is perplexed by the bodies of three women who were found naked in the lower Ninth Ward, the scene of much of Katrina’s destruction. There are unusual similarities – the primary one being that these women were murdered.

Kit Franklin, forensic psychologist, is drawn into the case. There are many unusual twists and turns in this mystery. People are not who they seem to be and the killer surprises everyone.

Although part of a series, Bad Karma in the Big Easy reads just as well as a stand-alone novel. Connections to prior books only bear a brief mention and are not crucial to this story. The book is an enjoyable read, although some of the situations are quite horrifying and reluctantly believable. The characters all have depth and I was sympathetic to both Kit and Andy.

I give Bad Karma 4 stars. It’s a good mystery with a satisfying ending. I highly recommend it.


Book Review: Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler

Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler is just the type of book I like. It has mystery, it has death and it has law-breakers.

Neurosurgeon Lucas McRae’s marriage is falling apart. His son is away at college and now Lucas is on a business trip half-way around the world demonstrating surgical techniques on a cadaver’s head.

In an intriguing twist, Lucas recognizes the head as that of his best friend, Andy Baer. As it turns out, back in the states, Andy is indeed missing. So is a street walker whose gangster brother is worried about her. The shady but eco-conscious owner of Ditto’s Funeral Home is the prime suspect in their disappearances (and probably their deaths). Lucas and Wendy Elliott of the Seattle PD are on the case.

Dead Ringer  is a definite page-turner. The characters and storyline are well-developed and the book is easy to read. An interesting take on the standard murder mystery make this a great choice for readers.

Book Review: The Hour of Predators by Lane Stark

All I can say is, “WOW!” I could not put down The Hour of Predators by Lane Stark. It is well-written, engaging and nail-biting. Grab your copy now!

The Hour of Predators is a fascinating murder mystery that takes place in a tiny, isolated Canadian community with some Native American residents and some “white” ones. There is constant conflict between the two races. Things really get stirred up when gruesomely murdered men are discovered. Even creepier, the causes of death are not what they appear and circumstances scream of Native American sorcery.

The only family practicing sorcery, the townspeople and Natives say, are the Lesters. Ancient, house-bound Mary Grace Lester is the only one who knows about the death rituals performed on each victim. Her breathtakingly beautiful granddaughter, Claire, is the one tie that connects the three men and the teen accused. Or is she?

A delightful blend of mysticism, old-fashioned detective work, love and mayhem wend their way through this exciting story. Lane Stark has created  a world both intriguing and repulsive. A great read!

The Corruptible: A Ray Quinn Mystery – Review

The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

Locating a missing employee and recovering the sensitive company files he has stolen doesn’t seem to be a difficult case for private investigator Ray Quinn of the Night Watchman Detective Agency.  In fact, it really doesn’t seem to be worth the mega-dollars Armon Mayer is willing to pay for the job.  Of course, nothing is ever that easy.  Ray, former homicide detective for the Orlando Police Department, and his partner Crevis not only solve the case but are left with quite a few unanswered questions of their own.  Murder, cyanide and a biker gang are just the beginning and lots of secrets must be uncovered before the case is closed.

Mark Mynheir’s The Corruptible is the sequel to The Night Watchman but can easily stand alone as its own book.  Plenty of references to events in book one keep the reader informed.

The book is a light-hearted, easy read and I enjoyed it.  I really don’t think it qualifies as “Christian Fiction” as it is billed, though, simply because of token references to prayer and salvation.  I would recommend The Corruptible to anyone who likes murder mysteries.

Thank you to Multnomah Books for providing an Advance Reading Copy of this book at my request.