Book Review: Seize the Night by Dean Koontz

Seize the Night (novel)

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If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you know that I am a huge Dean Koontz fan. I have read almost everything he’s written and am constantly searching for those books I haven’t yet discovered. I was delighted to find Seize the Night at the library.

What didn’t delight me was the book. Koontz’s active imagination really worked in overdrive in this story. I liked all the characters and they were well-developed but the plot was a little much for me.

Missing children and a dog named Orson with special powers drive Chris Snow and his unusual group of friends to the seemingly abandoned military facility, Fort Wyvern. People are “changing” due to a virus that has gone wild and people and animals are exhibiting bizarre behavior and killing themselves. There is time travel and aberrant Rhesus monkeys and live machines and it’s just all a little too much for me.

There are a few too many science fiction elements here for my taste. On top of that I have just now discovered that this is the second book in a trilogy. That explains why I felt some of the stuff was familiar, as I must have read the first book quite some time ago. It also explains why some of the weird events and people in the book are taken as “normal,” since they were discussed in more detail in the first book, Fear Nothing.

I think I’ll pass on the third book.